[The Total Package]

Tooling is all about flawless precision. What other thermoformers consider to be a finished tool does not meet our standards. Our molds are polished to produce finishes that are attractive as they are functional. This facilitates the flow of the materials to achieve proper wall thickness and maintain wall integrity.

Our high-speed machining centers produce precision tools in a fraction of the time considered to be the industry standard. CNC machining programs are generated directly from each solid model design, while full associativity between CAD and CAM enable us to accommodate last-minute design chances. Additional processes include:

  • Multiple In-house, High-speed CNC Machining Centers
  • Lights Out machining
  • Full Associativity between CAD and CAM
  • Full Plug Assist Tooling
  • Polishing and Finish Coatings
  • Comprehensive Support Equipment