[The Total Package]

The advantages of a well-designed and manufactured thermoform tells their own story. Known as birefringence, the repeating rainbow pattern is a sign of stress in the package. More repeating violet bands, higher stress. Fewer repeating violet bands, less stress. Lower stress blisters are much more resilient and resist cracking and warping better than blisters with high stress levels.

The key to minimizing stress is maintaining the proper sheet temperature. Computer Designs uses closed-loop infrared thermal imaging to achieve the optimum heat profile for a given material. The scanner monitors the temperature of the sheet constantly and adjusts the oven settings - as much as 16 times in one minute. Quality Assurance validates the entire process, so our customers are assured the package is to specification.

To build the best package for our customers, we know working harder isn't enough - we need to work smarter.

Since 1988, Computer Designs has delivered packaging solutions with:

  • Effective Customer Service
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Leading-edge Technologies
  • Cost Effective Systems and Controls
  • Measurable Results No Matter the Industry
  • Less Downtime
  • Reductions in Scrap Rate

In the end, a well-designed package is the sum of all its parts - design, tooling, production, quality control and customer service. It's the total package you can expect from Computer Designs.