[About Us]

Computer Designs is a custom thermoformer that is customer-centric. Our aim is to become an extension of our customers through: flexible customer service, experienced design innovations, focused quality and visionary business decisions.

Managing customer change is fundamental to the success of any business. This ideology is exercised daily at Computer Designs to promote the prosperity of our customers and our company.

Our design team works to ensure that our packaging solutions enhance our customers business, anything less is nothing. The experience in our design team brings tangible benefits to our customers.

Quality is driven throughout the project lifecycle to deliver higher quality products that meet our customers expectations. A quality focus is essential to make certain that our packages achieve the specifications and deadlines of our customers.

Customer values have always been at the center of our philosophy. Using all of our resources and technology to bring worth to a customer is the expectation in business today. We foster a can-do-attitude throughout our company. Moreover we envision solutions that will support our customer's strategic business objectives.

Our Locations:

Whitehall, Pennsylvania Liberty, North Carolina Tucson, Arizona
Humacao, Puerto Rico